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Darmstadt has been awarded the “City of Science” designation in August 1997 by the Hessian Ministry of the Interior recognising thus the national and international importance of the city in the fields of science and research. It is located in the beautiful Hessian region in the middle of Europe and is the economical and cultural centre of the southern Rhine Main area.

On top of being a hub for industries and research, Darmstadt has a strong arts and culture tradition, being renown for art deco architecture, gardens, museums and having hosted top researchers, musicians, engineers and artists for centuries. This long standing cultural tradition started with the efforts of the Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig that fostered the establishment of the artists’ colony at the beginning of the 20th century.

The artists’ colony ‘Mathildenhöhe’, with its garden, the museum and the magnificent houses of artists from the time of art nouveau dominate the city, culminating into the landmark of Darmstadt rising up into the sky: the “Hochzeitsturm” (wedding tower). Darmstadt is a centre of European art nouveau at the level of other European cities such as Brussels, Paris, Vienna, Glasgow and Barcelona. 

Below you will find the details of some interesting places to visit during your stay in Darmstadt as well as cultural events that are taking place during the week of the symposium.

  • Take in the “Jugendstil” landmarks on a walking tour around the Art Deco district: 
  • Relax in the Jugendstilbad sauna and spa complex:
  • Get a taste of nature with a visit to the botanical gardens
  • Visit the weekly farmers market in the market place on Wednesdays

On top of all that, Darmstadt is just half an hour away from the international airport Rhine Main in Frankfurt.

Enjoy your stay!

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