The Artists’ wall

The Climate Symposium hosted two professional artists who interpreted the outcomes of the discussions through drawings. This project gave a tangible image of the impact of climate change on earth and of how the grand challenges are perceived.

James McKay and Corban Wilkin are two British illustrators and comics artists who have worked extensively with scientists in projects engaging the public in climate change issues.

James McKay, Centre Manager for the EPSRC Doctoral Training Centre in Low Carbon Technologies at the University of Leeds, was instrumental in the creation of a graphic novel published by the centre entitled “Dreams of a Low Carbon Future” which included short stories displaying how current environmental issues and the challenges they pose might affect the future of the Earth and its inhabitants. Corban Wilkin contributed to the novel as artist of one of the short stories. As well as producing a gripping book, the project resulted in a comprehensive set of activities to encourage young people to think about the environment and sustainability.

Mckay and Wilkin engaged with researchers and scientists during the Climate Symposium in order to translate their words into images. 

Both artists gathered the views of different generations: experienced scientists, early career scientists, and very young students, in order to realize a comprehensive collection of impressions of the Symposium.

The artwork was displayed both at the venue during the Symposium, and after the Symposium in the Justus Liebig Haus for the citizens of Darmstadt and the wider public to have an overall view of what was discussed during this very important week.

To have an idea of their previous work and for an overview of “Dreams of a low carbon future” click here. 

If you want to meet the painter, please click here

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