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Tuesday 14 October

 Posters Session 1

Clouds, Circulation and Climate Sensitivity


Session Description:

Arguably the climate systems most important constituent, atmospheric water remains, paradoxically, poorly quantified.  Water in all its phases both responds to and organizes circulations, setting the amplitude of the climate response to forcing, but also the pattern of regional circulation changes.  Experts in remote sensing, surface observations, and climate model evaluation review the prospects for advancing understanding of the Earth system through a renewed observational focus on atmospheric water and its interplay with winds.

Poster presenter Title
Allen, Robert (UC Riverside) Evidence for Climate Change in the Satellite Cloud Record
Babatunde, Adeyemi (The Federal University of Technology, Nigeria)  Analysis of data on integrated water vapour over Nigeria using radiosonde and data from ERA-Interim Satellite
Barbosa, Humberto (Laboratory of satellite processing images) (LAPIS) Satellite observations of Hurricane Bill (2009): links to African easterly waves and precipitation patterns
Barfus, Klemens (Technische Universität Dresden) 3D reconstruction of cloud fields from different remote sensing data
Block, Karoline (University Leipzig) Relating cloud droplet number concentration to aerosol concentration using a joint satellite-reanalysis approach
Bodas-Salcedo, Alejandro (Met Office Hadley Centre) Solar radiation over the Southern Ocean: the role of the cloud vertical structure
Buehler, Stefan (University of Hamburg) SPARE-ICE: Synergistic ice water path from passive operational sensors
Cermak, Jan (Ruhr-Universität Bochum) Satellite-based analysis of aerosol-cloud interactions
Chanzu, Elisha (Kenya Meteorological Service) Use of satellite derived data in monitoring thunderstorm clouds in Kenya
Chepfer, Helene (UPMC/IPSL/LMD) Where and when would a space-borne lidar first observe cloud changes due to climate warming?
Chishtie, Farrukh (Institute of Space Technology) A study of cloud properties using CloudSat for the 2006-2012 monsoon periods in the Pakistan region
Devasthale, Abhay (Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological...) Global trends in cloud properties before and after diurnal adjustments to account for orbital drift of satellites
Eliasson, Salomon (SMHI) The CMSAF CLARA-A1 satellite dataset simulator - a general description with examples of applications in the Arctic and the Tropics
Fink, Andreas (KIT-IMK) Satellite-based climatology of continental stratus over the southern West African monsoon region
Fink, Andreas (KIT-IMK) An objective climatology of tropical plumes
Heidinger, Andrew (NOAA/NESDIS) The New NOAA PATMOS-x Cloud Climate Data Set
Hollmann, Rainer (Edutscher Wetterdienst) Valuation of the ERA-40 reanalysis clouds and radiation data with CM SAF AVHRR CLARA-A1 in the North Sea Area
Holzer-Popp, Thomas (DLR) Analysing a first 17 year aerosol climate time series from ESA Aerosol cci
Hunerbein, Anja (Leibniz-Institue for Tropsoheric Research) Combining the perspective of active and passive observations to analyze cloud systems
Ismail, Syed (NASA Langley Research Center) A new technique for the retrieval of near surface water vapor using DIAL measurements 
Keller, Michael (IAC ETH) Evaluation of convection-resolving models using satellite data:The diurnal cycle of summertime convection over the Alps
Kiemle, Christoph (DLR IPA) Performance of a Future Spaceborne Water Vapour Lidar
Klueser, Lars (German Aerospace Center (DLR)) Earth Observation for Climate: The European Cloud Climatology
Koner, Prabhat (NOAA/CICS) Cloud detection for geostationary satellites using RT calculations and functional threshold-based spectral differences
Konow, Heike (Universitat Hamburg) The NARVAL-North campaign: Postfrontal convective cloud research on HALO using the HALO Microwave Package (HAMP)
Kryvobok, Oleksii (Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Institute) Analysis of long-term changes in cloud cover parameters over Ukraine based on CM-SAF data and ground measurements
Lammert, Andrea (University Hamburg) Towards a central European cloud observatory: measurements and data base in HD(CP)²
Lee, Robert (University of Reading) Biases and future changes in extratropical storm tracks in the CMIP5 multi-model ensemble from a cyclone perspective
Legras, Bernard (Laboratoire de Meteorologie Dynamique) Cloud products and services for the cloud research and modeling community provided from ICARE data and service
Loew, Alexander (Max-Planck-Institute for Meteorology) Assessing surface solar radiation fluxes in CMIP5 model simulations
Marbach, Thierry (EUMETSAT) The 3MI Mission: monitoring clouds and aerosols using multi-channel and multi-angle measurements of the intensity and polarization of reflected solar light
Meirink, Jan Fokke (KNMI) Evaluation of the 8-yr SEVIRI-based CLAAS daytime cloud property data record
Nakajima, Takashi (Tokai University) Importance of observing the cloud revolution process from satellites for studies of climate and energy
Nam, Christine (Universitat Leipzig) Comparisons of Cloud Inhomogeneity in ECHAM6 GCM with MODIS observations
Nunes, Ana (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) South American Hydroclimate Reconstruction Project: An analysis of the first reported South Atlantic tropical cyclone
Quaas, Johannes (Universitat Leipzig) Evaluation of climate model cloud parameterisations and implications for climate
Ravindran, Ajaya Mohan (New York University Abu Dhabi) Poleward Shift in the Indian Summer Monsoon Low Level Jetstream under Global Warming
Reed, Kevin (NCAR) Reduced complexity testbeds for understanding cloud and circulation sensitivities in global atmospheric models
Roca, Remy (OMP/LEGOS) Quantifying the role of mesoscale convective systems to rainfall in the tropics from satellites: implication for climate change
Sausen, Robert (DLR, Institut fur Physik der Atmosphare) Feedback Analyses of Equilibrium Climate Change Simulations
Serikov, Ilya (Max Planck Institue for Meteorology) Detailed look at trade wind clouds and their environment with Raman Lidar
Comparing Radiation Budgets from Satellite and Global Modeling
Shim, Sungbo (National Institue of Meteorological Research) Climate Effects of Aerosol-Cloud Interactions on East Asia Summer Monsoon
Smith, William (University of Wisconsin - Madison) Use of Polar Hyperspectral Sounding Data for Climate Studies
Stammes, Pieter (KNMI) Global cloud height characteristics from oxygen A-band absorption measurements by satellite spectrometers GOME, SCIAMACHY and GOME-2
Stevens, Bjorn (Max Planck Institue for Meteorology) The structure and role of tropical subsiding zones
Stubenrauch, Claudia (LMD/IPSL/CNRS) Links between the atmospheric environment and cirrus properties: a synergetic approach using IR and active sounders and meteorological reanalyses
Sukumaran, Sandeep (New York University Abu Dhabi) Indian Summer Monsoon biases in CMIP5 models linked to mid-latitude shortwave cloud forcing
Thies, Boris (Philipps-Universitat Marburg) 1 km stratus detection using MSG SEVIRI High Resolution Visible channel
Thorsen, Tyler (University fo Washington) The diurnal cycle of tropical cirrus cloud macrophysical properties from the CALIPSO  satellite and from ground-based micropulse and Raman lidars
Tsamalis, Christoforos (Met Office) Dust vertical distribution on global scale based on CALIPSO observations
Unglaub, Claudia (University Leipzig) Analysing the relationship between liquid water path and cloud droplet number
Wagner, Sebastien (EUMETSAT) Lunar calibration as a tool for monitoring long-term instrument radiometric stability in reflective solar bands
Willén, Ulrika (SMHI) The role of cloud greenhouse effect on Arctic Amplification, sea-ice extent
Wulfmeyer, Volker (Institute pf Physics and Meteorology, Universitaet Hohenheim) The indispensable role of ground-based remote sensing of thermodynamic profiles for weather and climate research
Zelinka, Mark (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) Progress on Understanding Cloud-Radiation Interactions

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