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Wednesday 15 October

Posters Session 4

Ocean Circulation and Regional Sea Level Rise


Session Description:

Space-based observations have provided invaluable information on ocean parameters including sea level rise. Modelling results complemented the observations with a better understanding of ocean dynamics and sea level changes at global and regional scales. This session discusses progress in observations and ocean modelling, and puts emphasis on our current understanding of key oceanic processes such as causes of sea level change at global and regional scales, the influence of internal climate variability and anthropogenic forcing on ocean parameters and the marine eco-systems. The outcome of this session should be recommendations on priorities of future research and observations.

Poster Presenter


Barnier, Bernard (CNRS) Intrinsic low-frequency variability in the global eddying ocean: imprints on AMOC, SST, SSH
Bock, Carina Stefoni (LAMCE/COPPE/UFRJ) 'Comparative analysis of Brazil Current System oceanic transports in four IPCC AR4 climate models'
Bourassa, Mark (Florida State University) 'Requirements for Satellite Observations of Trends in Extreme Coastal Winds'
Cazenave, Anny (LEGOS-CNES) 'Effect of the interannual variability on global mean sea level rise estimation'
Deshpande, Aditi (Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology) 'Study of Indian Ocean equatorial currents and their interannual variability in CMIP5 models'
Fabiyi, Oluseyi (Regional Centre for Training in Aerospace Surveys, Ile-Ife Nigeria) 'Change Analysis of Nigerian Shoreline Ecosystems to sea level rise'
Fenoglio, Luciana (Technical University Darmstadt) 'Regional Sea Level Rise in the North Sea'
Ignatov, Alexander (NOAA NESDIS) 'VIIRS SST Extends AVHRR/MODIS Climate Data Record'
K. Palanisamy, Hindumathi (LEGOS/CNES) 'Detection/attribution studies on the regional sea level variability during the 20th and 21st century in the Pacific Ocean'
Kim, Sung Yong (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) 'Seasonality and linear trend of circulation around Korea derived from multiplatform observations'
Lee, Tong (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory) 'Evaluation of ocean surface wind stress in CMIP Models using satellite scatterometer data'
Li, Chao (Max Planck Institute for Meteorology) 'Processes governing the stability of Atlantic meridional overturning circulation in a future warm climate'
Merchant, Christopher (University of Reading) 'Sea Surface Temperature in ESA’s Climate Change Initiative: Results and First Applications'
Meyssignac, Benoit (LEGOS/CNES) 'Two decades of Global and Regional Sea level Observations from the ESA Climate Change Initiative Sea level Project'
Parent, Laurent (Mercator Ocean) 'Assessment of the ocean circulation from 1992 to present from Copernicus/MyOcean data'
Plagemann, Sabrina (Deutscher Wetterdienst) 'Evaluation of oceanic parameters from seasonal forecasts of the MPI-ESM coupled model'
Portabella, Marcos (Institut de Ciències del Mar (ICM-CSIC)) 'Towards ocean remote sensing based synergistic products for climate applications'
Portabella, Marcos (Institut de Ciències del Mar (ICM-CSIC)) 'Small-scale wind variability as depicted by satellite scatterometers: a valuable source of air-sea interaction information'
Putri, Mutiara Rachmat (Institut Teknologi Bandung) 'The monthly variation of CO2 concentration and its correlation with ocean pH and net primary productivity in the Indonesia waters'
Roxy, Mathew Koll (Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology) 'The curious case of Indian Ocean warming'
Storto, Andrea (CMCC) The New CMCC Global Ocean Eddy-Permitting Reanalysis (C-GLORS4, 1979-2012)
T. Shahul Hameed, Fousiya (Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology) 'The upper ocean stratification in Bay of Bengal: observational and modeling aspects'
Tsamalis, Christoforos (Met Office) 'Observing the Sea Surface Temperature with ATSRs: validation of CCI data and comparison with ARC dataset'
Vayalumkal Mathew, Martin (Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur) On the variability of thermocline depth in the southwestern Bay of Bengal during Indian Ocean Dipole

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