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Tuesday 14 October

Session 1

Clouds, Circulation and Climate Sensitivity


Session Description:

Arguably the climate systems most important constituent, atmospheric water remains, paradoxically, poorly quantified.  Water in all its phases both responds to and organizes circulations, setting the amplitude of the climate response to forcing, but also the pattern of regional circulation changes.  Experts in remote sensing, surface observations, and climate model evaluation review the prospects for advancing understanding of the Earth system through a renewed observational focus on atmospheric water and its interplay with winds.

  Sandrine Bony (CNRS, LMD/IPSL) and  Bjorn Stevens (Max Planck Institute for Meteorology) 
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Bjorn Stevens (Max Planck Institute for Meteorology)

 Earths climate is changing
08:40  David Winker (NASA) Active Observations for Clouds and Climate
09:10  Mark Zelinka (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)  Searching for External Influences on Observed Cloud Trends
09:30  Hirohiko Masunaga (Nagoya University) Free-tropospheric moisture convergence and tropical convective regimes 
09:50  Kevin Trenberth (National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)) Seasonal aspects of the recent pause in surface warming 
10:10  Coffee and Poster Viewing
10:40 Robert Pincus (University of Colorado) Prospective satellite observations to support Grand Challenge studies of clouds, circulation, and climate sensitivity
11:00  Carol Anne Clayson (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) Current understanding of the observational constraints on ocean atmosphere evaporation
11:20  Stefan Buehler (University of Hamburg) A new microwave radiance fundamental climate data record for tropospheric humidity
11:40  Bruce Wielicki (NASA Langley Research Center) Climate Change Accuracy: Requirements and Economic Value 
12:00  Dick Dee (ECMWF) ERA-20C: New ECMWF global reanalysis products for the 20th century
12:20  Lunch and poster viewing

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