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Thursday 16 October

Session 6

Regional Climate Variability and Change: Enabling Climate Services


Session Description:

It is at the regional scale where climate knowledge can enable the most efficient services to society. This session will review the local-to-regional scale knowledge and information that climate science can provide through satellite data, high resolution analysis and dynamical model predictions. The session also encourages discussion on the use of that information for improved decision support in climate-impacted sectors such as public health, water resources, food security and more generally its use to improve the understanding of socio-economic impacts of climate variability and change.

  Lisa Goddard (Columbia University) and Jan Polcher (CNRS/Institut Pierre Simon Laplace)
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Regional climate variability and change: enabling climate services
14:10  Rowan Sutton  (University of Reading)  Regional climate variability and change: drivers, uncertainties and prospects for progress
14:40  Rainer Hollmann (Deutscher Wetterdienst, (DWD)) Satellite-based Climate Data Records from EUMETSAT in Support of Climate Science and Services
15:00 Albert Klein Tank (Koninklijk Nederlands Meterologisch Institut (KNMI))

European climate data and information products for risk assessment and adaptation needs

15:20  Jens Hesselbjerg Christensen (Danish Meteorological Institute)   Regional down scaling and CORDEX - new opportunities with known limitations
15:40  Coffee and Poster Viewing
16:10  Muyambi Fortunate (Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) Climate Prediction and Applications Centre)) Use of earth Observation in climate change mitigation assessment in forest ecosystems (REDD+) in the IGAD region
16:30  Arame Tall (Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS)) Climate Services) Climate Services for Food Security – bridging the Gap between Climate Scientists and Users in Africa
16:50  Prakash Chandra Tiwari (Kumaun University, Nainital, Uttarakhand, India) Regional Rainfall Variability and its Impact on Water Resources and Food Security in Himalaya: A Example for Enabling Climate Services in Mountains
17:10  German Poveda (Universidad Nacional de Colombia) Climate Services to Improve Human Health in Latin America
17:30  Richard Klein (Stockholm Environment Institute) Moving from climate information to climate services: overcoming barriers to adaptation action
19:00 Cocktail hosted by Airbus Defence and Space  

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